Deb's Bags Child Face Mask

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2-ply 100% cotton with soft 1/8" adjustable elastic earloops. These masks have no nose pieces. Pleated style.

Please note the following regarding safety and sizing:

  • Masks can cause suffocation for children and therefore we do not recommend any face covering for children under 3 years of age.
  • All masks should be used with adult supervision.

To ensure coverage, make sure that the mask starts at just under the chin to the bridge of the nose and then from cheek to cheek. The mask should have enough room to allow for speaking and comfort.

Note that children's ears may bend with the elastic ear loops due to the soft cartilage in their ears. An ear saver may help eliminate this issue such as our monkey in a barrel.

Each mask comes with adjustable 12 inches X 1/8" soft elastic.

Dimensions: Open 7.5" to 8" wide X 5.25" high.

Care: Machine wash and dry flat or line dry. No bleach.


Images © Deb Baldrey Textile Arts

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