New American Knits

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In New American Knits, Author Amy Christoffers finds inspiration in the clean lines and elegant functionality of American sportswear, and with a nod to the work of American artists, brings us 20 lovely sweaters and useful accessories. These luscious, versatile pieces are pretty enough to feel special, yet comfortable and lasting enough to qualify as everyday wear. In short, Amy has created a collection of what every woman craves: A Fashionable Modern Uniform.

Inside you'll find a spectrum of choices in knitting: pieces made from simple stockinette and garter stitch, as well as those featuring texture, laces, and pops of colorwork. Seamless and semi-seamless construction finishes include slipped stitch and I-cord faux seams and short-row collars and hems, ensuring clean silhouettes and adding knitterly interest.

Visually elegant with a streak of casual style, New American Knits offers timeless garments you'll want to wear again and again!

Title:  New American Knits: Classic Sportswear Patterns
Author:  Amy Christoffers
Published:  2014 Interweave Press
Format:  Paperback

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