Jane Richmond: Seasonless

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Styles change, trends change, but the seasons of life stay the same. Stable. Trustworthy. Ever dependent. Just like your favorite knits.

The pieces in SEASONLESS are designed to be versatile, wearable and effortless. The kind of knitwear that never has a place in your closet because you are always wearing it. The ones you reach for whether you are out for an evening summer stroll, breathing in crisp fall air or letting snowflakes kiss your nose and eyelashes. SEASONLESS is always with you.

SEASONLESS is the first in a series of mini collections to be released by Marian Rae Publications featuring designs by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook. It is available as a gorgeous 29-page booklet featuring photography by Nicholas Kupiak.

Title:  Seasonless: Mini Collection - Volume 1
Author:  Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook
Published:  October 2014
Format:  Paperback

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