Tip-toe-up Sock Class

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Learn how to knit toe-up socks with completely replaceable heels and toes from local designer Holli Yeoh. This is a skill-building workshop with plenty of new techniques such as Turkish Cast On, knitting on two circular needles or Magic Loop on one long circular needle, grafting on the needles and a stretchy sewn bind off on the needles. After practicing your new skills on a sampler in class, you’ll be ready to go home and cast on a sock for yourself.

Skills needed: Knit, purl, increasing and decreasing, knitting in the round.

Materials needed:

  • Two colours of a small amount (partial balls will work) of a double knit or worsted weight yarn in light to medium colours
  • Two circular needles in an appropriate size for the yarn
  • Locking stitch marker
  • Basic knitter’s toolkit
If needed, materials can be purchased at Baaad Anna’s Yarn Store.
Materials included: Digital copy of Holli Yeoh’s Toe Up Socks pattern.
You’ll be making a sampler, so using leftover yarn is okay. If your circular needles aren’t the same size (e.g. you have one 4.0mm and one 4.5mm) we can make that work too. Ideally the circular needles should be in different materials or colours, but don’t go out and buy them especially for the class. If you prefer to learn Magic Loop, bring one circular needle at least 32″ (80 cm) long in an appropriate size for your yarn. Holli will show you how to apply what you’re learning to finer yarn and smaller needles for future socks.
DATES: Saturday February 8st from 3:30-6:30pm

COST: $60(+tax)

Minimum 5 and max 10 participants

INSTRUCTOR: Holli Yeoh of Holli Yeoh Designs

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