Sarah Elizabeth Weaving Kit Medium

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A wonderful Creative Play weaving kit from Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works in Rossland, British Columbia, Canada. 

Materials Included: 

  • Needle
  • Warp Thread
  • Rope/Yarn
  • Fibre/Locks
  • Instructions

Tools Required:

  • Frame weaving loom (Try this cute Animal Loom!)
  • Scissors
  • Your Creativity

Techniques: Warping a Frame Loom. Tabby Weave. Stuffing. Rya Knot. Bubble Weave. Soumak Stitch. 

A note about Creative Play:  These instructions are designed to inspire you towards creation.  Creative Play instructions are by no means an exact recipe, more a feeling combined with experimentation.  

Please note that tones and dyes may vary between lots and from bundle to bundle.  Your actual bundle may vary from photo shown.

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